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Q: How soon can I get divorced?
A: California law provides that no Judgment of Dissolution (divorce) is final for the purpose of terminating the marriage relationship until six months have expired from the date of service of a copy of the summons and petition or the date of the appearance of the respondent, whichever occurs first. It is possible for the resolution of the issues of the divorce (child custody, spousal support, child support, property division) to happen within that 6 month period; if the parties are not cooperative or the issues are complex, the legal resolution of the issues can take much longer. Most often the Final Judgment of Dissolution is obtained at the same time as the Judgment on other issues, but it is possible to obtain a "Status Judgment of Dissolution" terminating the marriage relationship after six months have passed, reserving the other issues to be determined at a later time.

Q: Is there a consultation fee?
A: Yes. Our office charges $100 for a consultation appointment. This appointment lasts approximately one hour. If you then wish to retain us to represent you, ongoing fees will be discussed at that time.

Q: How soon can I get an appointment?
A: Usually appointments are available in one to two weeks. In an emergency we can see you sooner, depending on the situation and our schedule.